This collaboration under TETA creates a holistic
approach, leveraging each member’s expertise to enhance
global trade efficiency and innovation.

Trade in Space was founded in 2019, quickly expanded from working with South Australian grain farmers to include coffee and cacao verticals. As an independent UK-based company, it specialises in leveraging satellite technologies to provide ‘Transactionable Insights’ to supply chain organisations. This technology aids in crucial supply chain management and sourcing decisions, ensuring access to global markets. Its flagship product, Sustainimaps, helps maintain deforestation-free supply chains for major coffee and cacao producers. Trade in Space is known for its expertise in sustainable supply-chain monitoring applications, offering stability, efficiency, and knowledge.

Mobius Technology specialises in real-time logistics management, offering a comprehensive system for tracking scheduled movements, production, and transit documentation, including customs paperwork. Its driver’s app provides real-time data, Digital PODs, and other vital information. The system includes GPS tracking for exact truck locations, expected arrival times, consignment temperatures, and more. Additionally, Mobius aids in managing IFS and BRC audit requirements efficiently. The platform is accessible via PC, tablet, or phone, offering powerful search tools for detailed information on current and past loads. Mobius is part of Sapphire Foods a company with over 30 years of experience in sourcing chilled and frozen meat and poultry from Europe. With a fleet of 120+ vehicles, Sapphire Foods achieves 98.6% on-time deliveries, covering 50,000 miles weekly. Alongside Mobius, Sapphire has developed sensors that track food temperature during transit and integrate with Mobius’ mobile application, with a simple QR code to access and manage digitised customs paperwork.

Bia Analytical is a premier UK-based food authentication testing laboratory specialising in advanced food adulteration testing methods. Located within Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute for Global Food Security, the lab recently received ISO 17025 accreditation from UKAS for its herbs and spices authenticity testing methods. This accreditation underscores Bia Analytical’s commitment to high-quality services, technical competence, impartiality, and operational consistency in food fraud detection.

Sustained specialises in assessing the environmental impact of products based on their manufacturing volumes. Its assessments utilise a range of data sources, including first party, primary, and secondary product and value chain data. It covers 16 impact categories such as climate change, water scarcity, and land use. The process involves identifying major impact contributors from various stages like ingredients, production, and transport. Sustained establishes a product impact baseline using data from the previous year’s manufacturing volumes and provides comprehensive reports to inform sustainability-centric company strategies.

Supply Chain In-sites (SCI) is a specialist compliance, auditing and certification body, offering services like Gap Analysis, Standard Development, Risk Management/Governance, Audits, Compliance, and Bespoke Programmes. It provides end-to-end supply chain assessments, data analysis, and innovative traceability and provenance methods. SCI also conducts unannounced audit programmes to ensure continuous compliance, thereby bolstering corporate and consumer confidence.

Vetaverse is transforming veterinary checks by transitioning from manual, in-person inspections to remote digital checks. This innovation aids in advancing agricultural practices by digitising farm attestations. It focuses on creating detailed, reliable records of medications used on farms, crucial for compliance and safety in the food supply chain. Vetaverse’s approach reduces paperwork, eliminates duplication, and allows for remote witnessing, helping to free up vets to focus on more significant tasks.

Customs Plus specialises in using AI to digitise and optimise customs processes. Its tool, Customs Plus FastNet™, automates the handling of unstructured data sources like invoices and packing lists, transforming them into structured data for business applications. Additionally, Coloss™ enhances accuracy by checking and correcting product and origin codes. This AI and machine learning technology adapts to legislative changes globally, providing robust, cost-effective solutions for customs declarations, AEO management, and C-Suite management challenges, ensuring future-proof customs solutions.