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“Welcome to the Technology-Enabled Trading Alliance (TETA). My name is John Buxton and I’m the chair of TETA, a consortium of domain expert innovators. Together, we possess a unique blend of expertise and technology that can redefine international trade. Our collaboration signifies a step forward in tackling international supply chain complexities with innovative solutions.”

TETA brings together individual point solutions and combines them to simplify and optimise global trade processes, especially in the context of high and medium risk goods moving across international borders.

John Buxton – Teta Director


“TETA acts as a bridge between individual point solutions, ensuring that all the necessary data reaches its destination accurately and in a format that regulatory authorities can easily verify and approve. To achieve this, we strategically capture data signals at critical control points throughout the supply chain, helping create a golden thread allowing data to flow, while opening access to international markets for traders.”

TETA’s primary mission is to address and resolve complex trade issues related to the movement of goods across international borders, with a particular focus on exports from the UK and imports into the UK.

Frank Dunsmuir – IOE&IT

TETA’s role is crucial in today’s global trade landscape, where the flow of goods involves a multitude of regulatory requirements, quality standards, and border protocols. The organisation is dedicated to simplifying and streamlining these processes, ensuring that goods can move seamlessly and efficiently while adhering to all necessary regulations and standards.

The whole is greater than
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Trade in Space specialises in satellite imagery technologies for sustainable supply chains.


Mobius Technology focuses on real-time logistics management and tracking systems.


Bia Analytical is a leader in food authentication testing.


Sustained provides environmental impact assessments for products.


Supply Chain In-sites (SCI) is a compliance and auditing specialist.


Vetaverse revolutionises veterinary checks with digital solutions.


Customs Plus specialises in using AI to digitise and optimise customs processes.

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High and medium risk goods

One of the key areas of focus for TETA is dealing with high and medium-risk goods, such as products of animal origin or those that are sourced from areas of the world at risk of deforestation.

These products often require strict adherence to regulatory requirements concerning their provenance, quality, and / or animal welfare throughout the production process. Navigating the complex web of regulations and ensuring compliance can be a daunting task for businesses involved in international trade. This is where TETA steps in to provide innovative solutions.

The golden thread of technology

TETA’s operational model revolves around facilitating collaboration between various point solutions within the supply chain. The term ‘golden thread’ or ‘connective tissue’ refers to the critical element that allows data to flow seamlessly from one end of the supply chain to the other. This data flow is essential for ensuring the accurate and efficient movement of goods, as it contains crucial information required for regulatory authorities to approve shipments or consignments.

To achieve this, TETA intends to strategically captures data signals at critical control points throughout the supply chain. These control points are designed to capture and ingest data relevant to the goods being transported. Once captured, this data is attached to the shipment or consignment in a format that satisfies regulatory requirements.

The TETA bridge

TETA acts as a bridge between individual point solutions, ensuring that all the necessary data reaches its destination accurately and in a format that regulatory authorities can easily verify and approve.

One of the significant advantages of TETA’s approach is its ability to create a mechanism for auditing the chain of custody. This means that at any point in the supply chain, stakeholders can verify the history and handling of goods, providing transparency and accountability. This is particularly valuable for addressing concerns related to the authenticity and integrity of products.

Green Lanes

TETA plays a pivotal role in establishing trusted trader green lanes and ‘earned trust’ arrangements for various stakeholders in the supply chain. This means that producers, manufacturers, hauliers, and retailers who consistently demonstrate compliance and reliability can benefit from expedited processes, reducing delays and costs associated with cross-border trade.

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We believe that low-risk traders should receive all the benefits from their investment in compliance and this should take the form of a “trusted trader programme”. This can be achieved in the complex and fast-moving international food supply chain, by the fusion of several disruptive science and technology solutions.

The Teta consortium is a solutions provider and collaborator specialising in developing products that utilise a blockchain foundation and secure cloud environment to improve supply chains.